AirPlay / iOS & Mac

AirPlay is the most popular real-time streaming technology on iOS devices. You don't need to install any app for it and it just show-up in any kind of media interface naturally. Even when watching videos, you will have a much better experience with audio.

DLNA / Android & PC

Most top brand Android phones have build-in DLNA service (Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG...etc) Even more, there are many 3rd party APK that support DLNA as well. Just give it a try then you will love it.

Spotify Connect / iOS, Android, PC, Mac

A brand new streaming technology - Spotify Connect. As the top 2 digital music service provider in the world, you can play any of your favorite songs on TuneBox2 over Spotify Connect. TuneBox2 will continue play the music even when your controlling device disconnects.

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