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Can't connect to TuneBox2 ?

Please confirm the front of status indicator light is turning on. If you can't search TuneBox2 's WiFi signals, Please long press " Reset " Button. The indicator light will turn off, and then starts flashing. Once the device is reset,you can reconnect to TuneBox2 via WiFi. If you need further assistance,Please Contact

There is no sound when TuneBox2 connecting through a fiber, but when connecting via an analog cable has sound?

Due to the TuneBox2 build-in the SRC, all digital outputs have the same sample rate. It's 24 bit/ 192 kHz. If the amplifier's DAC doesn't support the sample rate,you may not hear the sound by TuneBox2. You can still hear the sound when connecting through a an alog cable,becase analog decoding has been done by TuneBox2.

Why the front of status indicator light flashes constantly?

Please check the status of your router.You can reset the routerand wait for TuneBox2 to reconnect. If the light is still flashing,long press "Reset" button.The status indicator light will turn off at first,and then starts flashing.After the device is reset,you can reconnect to TuneBox2 via WiFi. If you need further assistance, please contact

Does it need to plug in a Internet cable?

When using WiFi extension mode, you just plug in the Internet Cable. TuneBox2 can act as a WiFi access point in WiFi extension mode.

How to connect to TuneBox2 with an Android smartphone?

TuneBox2 supports DLNA. Please refer to your smartphone’s DLNA connection procedure. The mobile app that you play your music on also needs to support DLNA.

Why can’t I see TuneBox2 on Airplay after connecting with an iPhone?

On iOS10, after swiping up on the main screen to open Control Center, swipe left to the second page. Press the iPhone button at the bottom and you will see TuneBox2.

Why is there a latency between the audio and video when playing a movie?

TuneBox2 is designed for audio playing. It is not suitable for movies or video games.

Can I use TuneBox2 with a computer?

For PC: Please go to and download the appropriate software. Follow the instructions to finish the setup. Mac: Under “System Preferences” select “Sound”, and choose the supported Airplay devices under “Output”.

What does the “Party” button do?

When you have more than two TuneBox2s under the same internet LAN connection, you can sync play all devices by pushing the “Party” button.

Is the sound quality from analog cable also 24bit/192kHz?


What to do when TuneBox2 constantly disconnects?

  1. Restart your router
  2. Update the firmware of TuneBox2 to latest version. For instructions on checking current version and updating please refer to
  3. Reset TuneBox2 and connect again.

Can I use Party mode with other speakers that also support Airplay?

Unfortunately, no. TuneBox2 has a different system structure than other Airplay-supporting speakers.


無法連接到 TuneBox2 ?

請確認前面的狀態指示燈亮起。 如果找不到 TuneBox2 WiFi 信號,請長按“重置”按鈕。狀態指示燈將關閉,然後開始閃爍。設備重置後,您可以透過 WiFi 重新連接到 TuneBox2 。 如需進一步說明,請聯繫

TuneBox2 透過光纖連接時沒有聲音,但透過類比電纜連接時有聲音?

由於 TuneBox2 內建的 SRC ,所有數位輸出的取樣速率都相同,為24 bit/ 192 kHz。如果擴大器的 DAC 不能支援此取樣速率,您可能聽不到TuneBox2發出的聲音。 透過類比電纜連接時,您仍然可以聽到此聲音,因為類比解碼已經由 TuneBox2 完成了。


請檢查您的路由器的狀態。您可以重置路由器並等待 TuneBox2 重新連接。 如果指示燈仍在閃爍,請長按“重置”按鈕。狀態指示燈將先關閉,然後開始閃爍。設備重置後,您可以透過 WiFi 重新連接到 TuneBox2 。 如需進一步說明,請聯繫


使用 WiFi 延伸模式時,您只需插入網路線。 TuneBox2 可以在 WiFi 延伸模式下充當 WiFi 存取點。

如何使用 Android 智慧型手機連接到 TuneBox2 ?


為什麼在與 iPhone 連接後,我在 Airplay 上看不到 TuneBox2 ?

版本 iOS10 上,在主畫面上向上滑開“控制中心”後,向左滑動到第二頁。按下底部的 iPhone 按鈕,您將會看到 TuneBox2。


TuneBox2 是專為音樂播放而設計的。它不適合用於電影或電動遊戲。

我可以在電腦上使用 TuneBox2 嗎?

For PC : 請前往以下網址 並下載相應的軟體。 請按照說明完成設定。 Mac: 在“系統偏好設定”中選擇“聲音”,然後在“輸出”中選擇支援的播放設備。


當您有兩個以上的TuneBox2 連接在同一個網路LAN,您可以通過按”派對“按鈕來同步播放所有設備。

類比導線的音質也是24bit / 192kHz ?



  1. 重新開機路由器。
  2. 將 TuneBox2 的韌體更新到最新版本。有關檢查當前版本和更新說明,請參閱
  3. 重置 TuneBox2 並重新連接。


很遺憾地,不行。TuneBox2 的系統結構與其他支援 Airplay 的揚聲器不同。

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