Frequently asked questions / 常見問題


How do I play with LINKA after connected to iPhone?

On iOS10, after swiping up on the main screen to open Control Center, swipe left to the second page. Press the iPhone button at the bottom and you will see LINKA.

What do I do when there is static sound coming from the car speakers?

Please contact us at

Can’t connect to LINKA? The Wifi light on LINKA is on but can’t find LINKA’s signal?

Please contact us at

Can I connect LINKA’s power cord to a portable battery charger?

Yes you can.

There’s sound coming from just one speaker? The sound volume is too low even after you turned the volume on your phone to the maximum?

Please test LINKA with other speakers or headsets first. If the issue still occurs, please contact us at

What if there’s no AUX IN port in my car?

Unfortunately, LINKA requires a AUX IN port to bring sound to your car speakers. You may contact your car manufacturer or auto repair shops for possible solutions.


如何在連接到iPHONE後使用 LINKA ?

在 iOS上,主畫面上向上滑開"控制中心"後,向左滑動到第二頁。按下底部的 iPHONE按鈕,你會看到 LINKA。



無法連接到LINKA? LINKA上的WiFi燈亮著,但找不到LINKA的信號?





請先使用其他揚聲器或耳機測試LINKA。 如果問題仍存在,請聯繫我們



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