World's Most Powerful Wireless
Headphone Amplifier

World's lightest wireless audio amplifier to achieve maximum audio quality with a tangle free listening experience.

It is believed that Hi-Fi audio quality and a carefree, wireless listening experience make up the perfect music indulgence. Yet for a very long time, technical limitations have inevitably caused sound quality to be sacrificed to some extent when going wireless. Well, that’s not the case anymore, you can now have both with AQUA+!

Bluetooth V4.2

32bit / 384K

64 step volume control

Wireless Charging

Up to 8 hours playing time

World's Lightest

Size: 4.5*4.5*1.2cm 12g

Three chips embedded in the elegant design of AQUA+ provides you wireless, lossless and leveled up HiFi audio quality.

Turn your favorite headphones wireless

Amplify audio sources for HiFi quality performance

(32bit 384K)

Compatible with Multiple operating systems

Others vs. AQUA+

Care Free, HiFi music listening experience on to go.

Connect to any device, anywhere,

and enjoy the music feast AQUA+ prepared for you.

Sublime Gold  /  Midnight Black  /  Radiant White 

EAN# Gold / 4710751470408; Black / 4710751470415; White / 4710751470422

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