AQUA is the world's only battery-free amplifier especially designed for headphones. Through MicroUSB and iOS Lightning, AQUA connects directly to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. With its stylish design, it's your best friend for high quality music. It allows you to have awesome listening experience anytime, anywhere.

Listening to music has become an indispensable part of life. Never is there a shortage of people saving up to buy pricy headphones, just to enjoy clarity and high quality music. The price of those high-end headphones, however, isn't usually friendly or affordable. Do you really have to spend so much money to enjoy quality music

Hi-Fi Audio


100mW Amp

Light as a coin

Battery Free

Unibody Design by Aluminum

Hi-Res Audio DAC 

Great audio quality needs to base on Hi-Quality aduio DAC. Each of AQUA build-in Wolfson Hi-Res DAC inside in order to support 24bits/192kHz audio resolution (maximun) decode performance.

Headphone Amplifier 100mW output

Build-in Maxim (Analog expert semiconductor) MAX97220A headphone amplifier which provide up to 100mW output power from AQUA. It's two times of your 3.5mm jack output of phone.


Smaller & Lighter

No more big box in your pocket. Carrying AQUA around the world has to be smaller & lighter.

With non-traditional audio amplifier design, AQUA has unique design concept not only upgrade your listening experience but also stylish looking face. 

No more battery change

YES, there is no battery inside of AQUA, so forget about charging.

AQUA has low power design, only requires less than 70mA.

Unibody Aluminum Design

Metal has a unique touch and feel unlike cheap plastic material. To create a stylish and unique design, AQUA chose a high-cost manufacturing process - CNC. Each AQUA takes 1200 seconds to shape the case and go through over 10 steps for color coating. 

Gray Space  /  Rose Gold  /  Gold 

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